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As we all know, it’s not always easy being a parent! Add on extra pressures and we can find ourselves feeling isolated and struggling to cope. That’s why Home-Start East Ipswich & Coastal exists; to offer friendship and parenting support to local parents.

Our main support service is provided by our dedicated parent volunteers who offer practical and emotional support to parents who are going through a difficult time. Today we have over 80 volunteers in our team who spare 3 hours a week to listen, help with the children, be a shoulder to cry on, offer encouragement and much more.

If you are a family who is interested in receiving Home-Visiting support please Contact us

Home-Start East Ipswich & Coastal are working in Consortia and provide support under Suffolk County Councils Suffolk Family support service.

The Consortium benefits from a grant from Suffolk County Council, for which we are very grateful. The aims of this grant are:-

  • To provide an outreach service run by volunteers for families with children aged 0-11
  • To support families through befriending and practical assistance
  • To support families when exiting a professional intervention
  • To support rural isolation
  • To provide an independent, supportive and non-stigmatising service to families, working closely with partners and the community to support the families' stated objectives
  • To meet the needs of both adults and children in a coordinated, effective way. This will be achieved through working closely with the CAF/TAC model and being part of a co-ordinated service.

The criteria for referral to the schemes are:-

  • For families with at least 1 child under 12yrs of age residing at home
  • Identification of support/befriending/signposting through the CAF
  • Identification of support/befriending at the close of a professional intervention eg CIN/CAF/TAC
  • Support families with low or problematic school attendance
  • Support new families moving into the area
  • Support women with post natal depression

If you are familiar with Home-Start services you can go straight to a referral form by clicking here or if you wish to speak to one of of Co-ordinators please Contact us.


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